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I will be posting up all the projects Ill be working on and looking for feedback, between now and then, if there is a component or accessory you would like to see, please post your ideas, I will do my best to make anything which I think is a feasible product.

If you've previously suggested things, please be assured I am going to read through the thread and pick out all the suggestions for inclusion in the list. Cheers guys, Joel.

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I do my best Ill be working on and looking for feedback, between now and then. Fritz40k forum: 40k only warhammer forum. Conrad Turner. Duxford, Cambs, UK. Joel, Any chance of oval flying bases in the same styles as your other bases? Whether it happens in a hundred years or a thousand years or a million years, eventually our Sun will grow cold and go out. When that happens, it won't just take us. Unless we go to the stars. Bobtheinquisitor wrote: what is going on with APAC shipping? If Macross Island were real, they'd be the last place to get any Robotechnology. Eagerly and excitedly waiting on my figures.

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I bought 3 sets of "figures" - though they'll be farmed out as "bits" to make some of my Loyalist and Chaos forces look much cooler. Shame I had to pack away most of my figures for moving.. Newabortion, excellent feedback! LDD, coming up.. What is more likely is a "basing kit" of resin parts which could be arranged on a regular flat base of any size, to fit a certain theme.

As that would be more flexible and much easier to cast. Scipio - they are on the way! Hopefully on the ground in Aus already, Id expect the parcel to arrive within the next 5 days if there are no customs hold ups. This frees up a lot of time for me to work on new products, and hopefully means that from now on new releases will come out a lot faster and I will be able to make a dent in the backlog of ideas floating around my head! Here we are at Salute back in April- Thats Charlie on the right. Welcome aboard! New product coming out next week- Its robot madness! Mostly, on my phone.

Sounds great - now I'm really cross I missed Salute! Urban oval mm bases would be excellent, btw. Some love broadly. Some love deeply.

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  • And then there are people like Graven. Excellent Work, I am very pleased that you are going from strength to Strength. I've just bought a load of Bionics off Joel, very pleased. My Iron hands are getting some Bionic Love and are looking at me from the painting table. I was going to put a pauldron on him, but because he's an Iron Hand, I think he would wear his Arm proudly like a badge of honour.

    Charax wrote: decided to put hands on your large bionics yet then? Collecting Forge World 30k????? Commander Cain. Canada,Prince Edward Island. Gooood, gooood! This is excellent news, the promise of more new products and some bionic bits which I am sure I can find a use for! I eagerly wait for updates All points noted guys! The first bionic leg product will be a couple of the "medieval" steam lord leg peices, with chunks of leg replaced with robotic components. Further down the line I will be doing a "multi pose" 3D printed bionic leg set, which like the arms will do both sides and be available in a few different sizes.

    Charax, yes I am, it was a good suggestion and I've finally got round to it! In addition to a few multi pose arms, im going to include a couple of one peice arms with more power cabling. The new sprue will have to be a bit more expensive as a result, but should be a lot more usefull for easy conversions!

    I will take some preview photos tommorow afternoon. Thanks for the feedback, Joel. Dakka 5. Member List.

    New Imperial Guard build featuring Anvil Industries

    Recent Topics. Top Rated Topics. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Subject: Advert. Boo urns! Azazelx Terrifying Doombull Melbourne. I am displeased. Anvil Industry previews more renders for Weapons Tractors for Afterlife. November 14, Anvil Industry is showing off some updated 3D renders for the Weapons Tractors for their Afterlife Kickstarter campaign. Source From the preview: Hey Guys, Just a small update tonight.

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    Tomorrow I will be posting a video with prototype resin models. Here is a new design of the missile launcher based on feedback. November 05, Anvil Industry has some new 3D renders up on their Afterlife Kickstarter campaign showing off the minigun and missile launcher they've been working on. Here is the Missile system for the Republic Mechs, Free with every miniature of that type for all backers in addition to the basic Tri-Barrelled cannon.

    And the next Stretch Goal, another Freebie! The weapons will be designed to "push fit" so you can change load out between games. Anvil Industry launches Kickstarter campaign for Afterlife sci-fi minis game. October 30, Anvil Industry has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Afterlife, their new sci-fi miniatures game. Source From the campaign: We will tell the story of a near-future Earth torn apart by civil war after the collapse of the social order imposed by Earths government, the Unity Council.

    Dozens of corporations, emergent governments and resistance movements form loose factions and alliances in an escalating conflict for power and resources. October 04, Anvil Industry gives us a look at the concept art for their first mini they're working on for Afterlife with a preview of the Republic Exo-Mechanised Infantryman. I will be designing a number of different arm and shoulder mount weapon options and possibly a fully enclosed Torso option, what would you like to see? June 25, Anvil Industry delivers death from afar with their new Black Ops Master Sniper team, now available in their webshop.

    From the release: Black Ops Master Sniper. Kit contains two miniatures - a Marksman with Negotiator Rifle and Spotter with Optical range finder and compact sharp shooter rifle. March 14, Anvil Industry has been showing off 3D renders of some new weapons they've got in the works.

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    Take a look. February 13, If you are going behind enemy lines on a long mission, you are going to need some serious equipment! Apart from the Praetorian Helmet, all these components are brand new, including a new Leg armour style and the modern Special Ops Torso. Hoping to release some of these parts later on this week, Its a pretty radical departure from the existing Steam Lords range, what do you guys think? Anvil Inudstry holds "Rename the Steam Lords" contest. January 26, Anvil Industry wonders what's in a name Well, it's everything. They want to rename their Steam Lords line and they'd like your help.

    Free minis up for grabs if I end up using a suggestion.

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    I picked the name "Steam Lords" because I needed a name for some miniatures a while ago, I didn't put much thought in to it. Ive since developed the concept and background of the miniatures, and in future I intend to focus less on the historical elements and more on the themes of the "Hard Edged" Near Future Sci-Fi world I envisage these soldiers fighting over.

    I want the new name to describe what they are, it has to be short and punchy - my initial thoughts include stuff like "Mech Lord" "Exo-Lord" "Mech Legionnaire". Anvil Industry previews M88 Apocalypse. December 23, Anvil Industry gives us a look at a conversion bit they're working on with a picture of their M From the preview: M88 Apocalypse, the mayans didn't see this coming! December 11, Anvil Industry has a new, limited edition, Bad Santa mini available on their website.

    From the release: We've just released our limited edition "Bad Santa" Christmas miniature. Only copies however many we can get out of one mould will ever be produced for sale. New conversion pieces and weapons from Anvil Industry. November 29, Anvil Industry gives you some more modeling options with new weapons and torsos, available in their webshop.

    November 21, Anvil Industry gives you some more ways to customize your models with their new robed legs and pumpkin heads sprues. From the release: We have just released two new products.