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Roll over or click on key ingredient for more information. Vitamin D is thought to be important for fetal skeletal growth and maintaining healthy bones. In a study of 1, women, more than one third of women of childbearing age in the US were Vitamin D deficient. Multivitamin and mineral supplements are used to provide higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals for prenatal nutrition, iron deficiency, and nutritional deficiency. They work by increasing levels of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. The Mini with the Max TM is designed to make it easy for all women to take daily because it is a small, easy-to-swallow soft gel packed with all the nutritional support recommended during pregnancy.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Adequate amounts of folic acid prevent spinal cord defects in infants. The proposed dose for OB Complete Petite will depend on the nutritional needs of the patient. Therefore, the dose will vary from one individual to another.

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Consult a medical professional for more information. Most people do not wish to have drug related side effects, unfortunately almost all drugs will trigger unwanted effects in the users. These side effects can be permanent or temporary and mild or serious. The regularly stated side effects are:. Use of OB Complete Petite can also cause serious side effects. Some of these unwanted effects can be potentially dangerous and need urgent medical attention.

The side effects are:.

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Some medications can easily react with OB Complete Petite. Therefore, you must carry a list of medications that you are taking when consulting your doctor. This will enable your doctor to adjust doses or change drugs to ensure that all the medications you are taking are effective.

Some of the drugs that interact with OB Complete Petite are:.

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Discount Card. Get Discount Card. Discount Card Get Discount Card. No brainer. I say go for whatever is easiest to swallow. At first I was all about the Gummis.


I took Gummi calcium, gummi multi and a folic acid non-gummi supplement. More power! Oh hey, I was just doing my own vitamin internet research last night, so this is a long comment to download everything I learned! Just check the labels. I could not keep any prenatal vitamin down at all. The only anecdote I have to share is that I asked my midwife for a prescription for prenatals, and she told me that OTC were just fine. Just throwing that out there in defense of the OTC, and to also let women know that more and more store pharmacies are starting to supply vitamins for free, as they should.

I just took the two one-a-day pills, and tried to eat healthy, as I have my doubts as to how much you can absorb from a multi-vitamin.

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Gaby-I am a little confused about the store pharmacies providing vitamins for free. I never heard of this…it is across the board?? What am I missing here? Like Jamie above, my ob suggested Flintstones as well. I also take filtered fish oil, but oh dear, those fish burps were not welcome while I was pregnant. Or now either, actually.

MOST helpful, was the suggestion to take them at night, just before bed. So, I took her advice and took them at night, literally right before hopping into bed, and had no problems after that. If my stomach was upset, evidently I was too asleep to notice. Aside from the contents, the only thing that makes one vitamin better than another is how much of the nutrients get taken into your body. Baby Boy was a whopping 8lbs 13 oz at birth and has reached every brainy baby milestone early or on time.

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I was fortunate because I actually craved salad, salmon, and fresh fruit for my entire pregnancy. I also walked the dog twice a day, took prenatal yoga, and hiked on the weekends. As far as I know, Meijer may be the only places in my area that provide free prenatals. They seem to be yet another way for companies to make money off of pregnant women. For real. Both midwives and doctors have told me this. I did the two flintstones a day thing.

My OB, Cardiologist and Oncologist I like to see multiple specialists when pregnant, keeps things lively all agreed that if it stayed down it was a winner. I tried taking the regular prenatals at night and still got super sick. I had very little nausea, so I could eat a healthy diet. I also take fish oil supplements normally, to fight depression, so I just doubled my fish oil dose during pregnancy. I have used Target brand prenatal vitamins for my two pregnancies. Neither my OB or my specialist had a problem with my taking them.

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I do take an omega supplement, too unbeknownst to them.