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Should I pay a subscription fee to qualify for free shipping? What are the terms of the Free Shipping Program? Can I use the Free Shipping Program without limitation? Rate this product:. Sponsored products for you. If you are however looking for a good multimedia 15 inch laptop right now, the Asus N should imh be towards the top of your list.

On top of that, I expect the N to get updated to Nvidia 9xx series graphics in the next months and those could offer a bump in performance.

NJK-CNH laptop specification sheet & where to buy cheap

If you can wait a few months though, you should: Broadwell processors and those Nvidia chips are the main reasons for that. These were my impressions on the Asus NJK. Thanks for sticking by and stay tuned for my future reviews. When do you think this laptop will be for sale in America? Also when will it be avaliable with the nvidia 9XXm series gpus? Andrei Girbea. From what I know right now, that might not happen as soon as expected. Hi Daniel. Could you resend to contact at ultrabookreview. Hi , thank you for the review. Both are good, but there are minor differences between them that could steer your towards one or the other.

Hello , i see the njk model had dual fans. But where did you get this info in the first place? Hi, thank you for the response. On top of that, air is blow to the side, and no towards the screen as on the older model. Can you please tell, what is the height of HDD installed in laptop? Hi Andrei! Nice review by the way. Is it still there?

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And is it thicker than the N? If not, where is it? And is the silver body still aluminum? I see that the shiny edges are gone; compared to my NJK. The N looks like it lost its classiness and elegance. Especially witthout the two shiny buttons which used to be above the keyboard. The body is still covered in aluminum just like on the N, but the bottom and part of the edges the black area are made from rough plastic. Aesthetically, yes, perhaps the N is a downgrade, but I do believe this design is more functional, with the air being blown to the Left.

Hi, Thanks for the review. They should make those red keys back to white to let it be neutral. Thanks Andrei for the review. What do you think of this drive swap? Is there a battery available that offers a run time greater than the one offered, and is it possible to swap out the wireless card for one more powerful? Hi Andrei, thanks for the reply. Per the wireless upgrade, I may forego replacing the internal card, and get a broadband wireless external card from someone like Verizon. There is a monthly fee for this broadband service, but it does give you true broadband wireless, and has worked well for me in the past.

Are the Wi-fi antennas good enough to get proper Cellular coverage if you perform this trick? Hi Andrei: The broadband wireless cards have been available in the US for over 10 years and the service is offered by several telecom companies. It was an external card that fitted into one of the slots on the side of my notebook. Software is povided with the card to load the drivers etc. I found it not to be as as fast as an Ethernet cable connection to the internet, but it was still very fast and way faster than regular wireless.


Once you go to broadband wireless, it would be difficult to go back to regular wireless. You said you wanted to replace the internal wi-fi chip on this laptop with a cellular card and I was wondering if the laptops antennas designed to work for wireless are capable of working with this new card as well. Try to ask Asus about that or check out the forums on notebookreview. Hi , are u sure that samsung panel is IPS or just an ips equivalent like i foud in google?

BTW, keep in mind that Asus might sell these laptops with different panels in each region. Thanks for this awesome review i just spoke to asus us support they still have no information regarding N in usa. Hi, Thanks for the very good review. Which one is more quiet under low load: njk or njm?

I mean browsing the internet, working with documents, programming. Is it possible for any of these two to be total quiet — no fan noise? Thank you for the answer. I can check njk but n has just apepared in the shops. I want a laptop to be quiet while everyday usage. It would be best if the fan is off while low load.

asus n551jk cn157h dixons travel

While playing or heavy usage noise is not important for me. Watch the video. Hi, what do you think of Hp Envy 15t slim quad? It does come with Intel I7 processor, full hd anti glare screen, Gtx graphic card, sata hybrid drive and beats audio. Try to look for some users reviews on the notebookreview. You should also consider which company has better support in your country, and better warranty programs. What other laptops are similar in specs to the njk? See which one you can find and if they fit your budget. Great review! Seeing if iT has one or two fans.

I understand that the screen is beter on this one? Hi there! Do you think, replacing the wifi module can fix the mentioned problem? If yes, how do i know which module is compatible? Thank you so much! Do you think, replacing the wifi module can fix the problem? If yes, how do i know which module is compatible with the motherboard? Most Wi-fi modules are built on the same form factor. The one inside this laptop is a Mediatek MTE, try to find more about its size and then you should be able to find something to replace it with. Is this true? Hmm, not sure what you mean by that.

My test unit came with an IPS panel, which is somewhat slower than TN screens, but far better in terms of colors, viewing angles, contrast, etc. When we edit videos, seems like the N series are good choices for video editing too, but if we edit professional video with fast movement, do you think we would not be happy with the IPS panels? Will Asus give us the option to upgrade the panels to a higher hz or are we stuck with 60 hz cycles? Hi JJ. But you get the option of getting some higher-end external monitors if needed.

You were talking about the GJK that will be reviewed soon. Is it also build like the GJK with those small wholes for intake under the belly or does it have another system of cooling?

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  • Waiting for the GJK review. Other then that, good job, I started watching your reviews over on YT and you are my reliable source of laptop testers. Your word is taken in consideration. Hi ALex. What do you exactly mean by that? If so, by nearly all major producers? My current laptop is run-down.

    Thus my advice: if you find somethign that works for you right now, get it. Hi Andrei, I just bought a Lenovo Ideapad Z 2 days ago and I found out that the wifi card Intel N is a real problem with limited speeds and also the laptop is behaving a bit slow sometimes maybe because of win 7 , so I was thinking of returning it tomorrow and getting an Asus NJK-CND. Was it smooth and powerful or did you experience stuttering? Bottom line, do you think this laptop can help my in my editing endeavors for the next few 3 years?.

    You can email me if you would like to answer a few more questions. Thanks and really good review. Not sure how graphic demandind 3ds max is these days, but if it is, you could also consider the GJM that should be available soon and sells for roguthly the same kind of money. Still, if you read the review, you probably noticed this test unit had wireless problems.

    So you might want to wait for some other reviews before jumping in. I like NJK more the aspect , but the cooling worries me the case gets 10 degrees hotter than NJK on the upper side and the CPU get couple of degrees hotter as well. Is is a problem? Will that hot air affect the screen? PS: I will use the laptop on gaming and maybe some basic video editing nothing too complicated. The N is slightly bulkier, but the cooling superior imo. You can check out the articles on ultrabookreview. How hard it is to get to the mSATA slot? Does it require disconnecting any wires or removing any components?

    You have to disconnect the enitre back panel which is hold in place by a lot of screws some of them hidden. Hello, just purchased this laptop and installed a fresh copy of Win 8. When the display is black i. Do you happen to remember if you noticed something like this? Thanks in advance.

    Asus N551/ N551JK review

    I bought that laptop couple of days before and i have to definitely protest against quoted statement! On the other side i have to emphasize that throttling is not big at all. I will follow re-comments so u can reply any time :. Hi Piotrek. Please get in touch at contact at ultrabookreview dot com. Do you know if these models qualify for international warrenty? Thank you! You mean the entire backside? Or just the easy accesible area on the backside? I know for a fact that there is the HDD and RAM underneath the easy accesible part of the backside… is the wifi adapter also there?

    Very nice review. I have a NJK version myself.

    I wanted to change the wifi card of it but it seems it is situated in another place then the NJK. Seems there isnt much technical documentation neither about the models. Dunno if you have some kind of tips? I have found it in Amazon.

    asus n551jk cn157h dixons travel

    Hi , thank u for the review. CHeck out user reviews and what those who bought it have to say on the forums over at notebookreview. N56 gtx 16gb ram is usd njk is usd and these another N56 gtx n 8gb ram for usd. Back when I reviewed the N56 it came with a TN panel. And I believe the cooling system is more efficient on the NJK, I remember the N56 got pretty hot with the M graphics, it might happen the same with the M.

    That M version for usd sounds interesting though, but is that M enough for your gaming requirements? Hi, are u sure wifi issue need a replacement.? Is the display of gJM the same or a variant? Not the same as on the GLJM though. On Amazon. I see that in specs from some stores, and on Internet said the N is only with 2GB video memory. Thanks for such detailed review. I am thinking about byuing this model, but the wi-fi issue would be still a big concern for me… Do you have any information if it was fixed on the final release versions, or when I could get that info?

    Hi Joanna. I have got on it 3rd December. I can confirm wifi on this machine is still an issue. It is slower than the one I use on my mobile phone, a Samsung Note 2. For further info I have also write a review on Amazon. So far nothing yet. Does anyone have any idea when N will be sold in the USA?

    So far seems like European markets have them. I can only hope they have an N soon so we can put better components in it to make a very nice balanced machine. Pana la urma ce rpm are hdd-ul? La pricing ai trecut , iar la configuratie Am vazut pe PCGarage laptopul si initial scria ca are rpm, apoi au schimbat la Modelul testat avea rpm.